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The Joy of Comics Podcast, Episode 2:

Legends of Tomorrow, Captain America: Civil War, and Comic Books Galore!

And we’re back, with an epic-sized edition of the Joy of Comics Podcast! This time, we (Rich, Jordan and Kevin) set our sights upon the newly released trailers for Legends of Tomorrow and Captain America: Civil War, and give you our thoughts. Spoiler: They both look ridiculously good! But that’s just the start of the adventure. We also discuss the status of our favorite comic-related TV shows - including The Flash, Arrow and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - and share our initial impressions of Supergirl and the just-released first season of Marvel and Netflix’s latest collaboration, Jessica Jones.

Next, we discuss a bit of local comic news, including our trip to NC ComicCon, a new book by local creator Alexander Julian III called Retrograde, and Terminal Protocol - a Kickstarter project from our very own Jordan Alsaqa and Image artist Rem Broo. Spoiler #2: The book looks amazing, and there’s a special bonus backer reward designed specifically for podcast listeners!

And finally, for the main event, we discuss the comics we’ve been reading since the last episode. And as you might imagine, it’s quite a list. Our discussion includes: Superman: American Alien, The Amazing Spider-Man,  Huck, The Kitchen, Ms. Marvel, Paper Girls, Southern Bastards, Effigy Vol. 1, Wytches, Harley Quinn, The Valiant, and a whole lot more! And as tradition dictates, we finish off the festivities with a look at the books we’ll be reading in the weeks ahead, and there are more than a few books worth getting very excited about. Spoiler #3: The Private Eye by Vaughan, Martin and Vicente is now out in Hardcover...need I say more?

We have our core lineup locked in for a great season of comics podcasts, and the comics industry is really killing it lately, so we’re unlikely to run out of amazing comics and comic-related awesomeness to discuss. This is...The Joy of Comics!


Alexander Julian III is known as @Pro4Test on Twitter, and you can find out more about Retrograde here.

The Kickstarter page for Terminal Protocol by Jordan Alsaqa and Rem Broo can be found here. The campaign closes on Dec. 15, so make haste if you want a copy!

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