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The Joy of Comics Podcast, Episode 8:

DC Rebirth, Captain America, MCU Rumors and Pre-HeroesCon Hype

Here at the Joy of Geek, we (Rich, Jordan and Kevin) are gearing up for our yearly pilgrimage to Charlotte, NC for HeroesCon 2016. And what better way to get in the spirit than with a discussion of all the crazy, exciting and controversial things that are happening now in world of comics and comic book movies. From the epic reveals in the pages DC's Rebirth Special and Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, to the latest movie news coming out of the MCU and the DCU (or should we call it the Murderverse?), there's a lot to talk about.

And then in part two, we settle in for a nice discussion of all the books we've been reading since the last comics episode. From mainstream titles like Star Wars, Starfire, Civil War II and Martian Manhunter, to indie masterpieces-in-the-making like Hellboy, We Stand on Guard and The Beauty (yep, it's finally back!!!) - there are so many great books on shelves these days and far too little time. 

But that's the point, really. From our weekly read piles (or trade paperback purchases) to amazing events like HeroesCon, there has never been a better time to get swallowed up by a whole lot of awesome reading material. Passionate about this stuff? Yeah, we are too. This...is the Joy of Comics!

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