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The Joy of Gaming Podcast, Special Edition:

TV Upfronts 2015 – Feat. Supergirl, Lucifer, Legends of Tomorrow, and more!

Hardcore TV fans, fire up your TiVos (or DVRs, as the case may be), ‘cause the year’s most exciting week of TV announcements is now over, and the future is looking bright. That’s right – Network Upfronts for 2015 have come and gone, and we (Rich and Jordan) have a lot to talk about. Overall, there weren’t quite as many jaw-dropping announcements as last year, but there were still plenty of shows that got us very excited. There were also a few that looked absolutely joyless (Dr. Ken, Anyone?) and more than a few that made us look at each other in (giddy…or perhaps horrified) disbelief (OIL! - I’m looking at you!).

And although there were more than a few shows that we disagreed on (you’ll have to listen to find out), there were a number of trailers that were just straight-up awesome. Legends of Tomorrow is one example: it’s an Arrow/The Flash spin-off, time-travel-based Superhero show that is so star-studded, so exciting-looking, that it’s hard to imagine anything but an amazing season of blockbuster TV ahead. Meanwhile, Supergirl brought up some mixed reactions among critics, but there’s little doubt that Producer Greg Berlanti will again deliver here, and Lucifer may be maligned by some web news outlets, but we couldn’t be more excited for the Fall premiere.

Whew…what an exciting year we have ahead. Soon, however, there won’t be room for anything but superheroes and comic-based shows on TV. But would that really be so bad? This…is the Joy of Television!

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