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The Joy of Geek Podcast, Year in Review Part One:

The Best TV Shows of 2015

Welcome to the first episode of our Year-in-Review Extravaganza at the Joy of Geek Podcast: a series of podcasts counting down the best that 2015 had to offer in all forms of media. And to start, we've undertaken the incredibly daunting task of choosing the Best TV shows of 2015. This past year was further proof that we're truly experiencing a New Golden Age of Television, and the year's best shows came from a wider variety of sources than ever before. Netflix and Amazon further stepped up their game in 2015 - in terms of the quality and quantity of their original programming - and the networks proved that they can still excite us with shows of all genres, even if their crop of new series was a bit disappointing. Overall, TV in 2015 was an embarrassment of riches, making it all the more difficult to narrow things down into a "Best of" List. 

So in order to make these tough decisions, we've assembled the entire Joy of Geek team - Rich, Jordan, Kelsey and Kevin - and we each choose our top three favorite shows of the year, as well as some honorable mentions, and a few notable disappointments. From brand new series like The ExpanseMaster of None and Jessica Jones, to beloved returning series like The FlashHannibal and The Last Man on Earth - we bravely step up to the challenge of watching awesome shows and breaking them down for your enjoyment. Oh, and in true Joy of Geek fashion, there will also be surprises and closet-calls aplenty. 

So join us now for Part One of our veritable pop-culture extravaganza, and check back next week for Part Two, and a discussion of our favorite films of 2015. We're working overtime to bring you our unique brand of prickly-sharp criticality, thrilling intrigue, and quite possibly a bit too much enthusiasm. This...is the Joy of Geek!

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