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The Joy of Comics, Episode 1:

San Diego Comic-Con, Ant Man, and a New Name

Hello, and welcome to another exciting episode of…wait…The Joy of Comics? That’s right - we’ve been listing these Comic- and TV-centric episodes as “Special Edition” episodes for a while now, but it’s time we made it official. Therefore, this is the first official episode of “The Joy of Comics Podcast,” and with all the recent excitement coming out of the world of comics and comics-related media, it’s going to be one hell of an inaugural bow. And with a new podcast name comes a new podcast member – so without further ado, we welcome Kevin Shaffer as our official third man for these comics episodes. Together, we team-up to talk about two of the biggest comic and geek culture happenings of the year – San-Diego Comic-Con and the release of Marvel’s Ant-Man.

San Diego Comic-Con was chalk full of announcements this year, and some new trailers to boot – so we talk about topics including the Suicide Squad trailer, X-men: Age of Apocalypse, Deadpool, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ash vs. The Walking Dead, Colony, Joss Whedon’s new comic Twist, and so much more.

Then we switch gears to discuss “The little Marvel movie that could” (see what I did there – in fact, there are multiple references going on there). Marvel’s Ant-Man certainly encountered some trouble throughout its extra-long development cycle, but did it reach the other end of the tunnel unscathed and excellent? Or did all of the Edgar Wright-y-ness get rubbed off along the way? We give you our opinions, as well as our thoughts and hopes for the future of the character. We also find some time to squeeze a bit of actual comic book talk in there, and give some love to the best books we’ve been reading recently.

And by the time the curtain closes on this inaugural episode of the Joy of Comics, we’re hoping you’ve been lulled to “geek” by the sheer volume of comic book talk. Because after all, this…is the Joy of Comics!

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