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The Joy of Comics Podcast, Episode 16:

Interview with Dave Dwonch from Action Lab Comics

On this very special episode of The Joy of Comics podcast, we (Rich, Jordan and Kevin) sit down with Dave Dwonch - a comics writer and executive who lives and works on the frontlines of the indpendent comics scene. As a founding member of Action Lab Comics - as well as its President of Marketing and Development - Dave has some fascinating insights to offer about the current state of indpendent publishing, and when we were offered the opportunity to interview him for a panel at this year's NC Comicon - Oak City, we jumped at the chance.

In addition to helping to run Action Lab, Dave is also a comics writer who has become more and more prolific in recent years. Most recently, he scripted a supernatural murder mystery series entitled Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxicab, and he has a new book coming out soon with friend and collaborator Brockton McKinney called Party Monster, which looks to be his most exciting and groundbreaking work yet. We talk about these titles and so much more, and learn what the future holds for himself and for Action Lab.

So join us for an inside look at the trials, tribulations and triumphs of creating indpendent comics, as we interview one of the freshest voices in the industry. This...is the Joy of Comics!

*Special thanks to NC Comicon and Action Lab for making this panel possible. You can also find Kevin's previous interview with Dwonch, click here

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