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The Joy of Comics Podcast, Episode 9:

Exploring Millarworld with Talent Search Winner Cliff Bumgardner

On this special edition of The Joy of Comics, we (Rich, Jordan and Kevin) welcome local NC writer/filmmaker Cliff Bumgardner to the party for a conversation of all things geek. And let's just say that the timing couldn't be better. Cliff is one of the winners of Mark Millar's recent Millarworld Talent Search, and the short story he penned (based on the lesser-known Millar series American Jesus) will be appearing in the Millarworld 2016 Annual, due out on July 13. And if that weren't enough, the film company he works for is about to unveil their new documentary about NC Comic Con - a sort of "primer" on what it takes behind-the-scenes to organize a local comics convention. 

Our conversation starts with a look back at Cliff's journey to the precipice of film and comics stardom, and includes some fascinating stories about the crazy things that happened along the way (a major movie deal that fell through at the last second? Really?). From there we chat a bit about where Cliff's Millarworld story - "Undeath" - fits into the American Jesus mythos, and then digress into an awesome discussion of all the cool things we've each been reading, watching, playing etc. Oh, and by the end we will totally be spoiling the series finale of 90's TV show Dinosaurs - listen at your own risk

So to recap: if you're a fan of controversial Scottish comics scribes, anthropomorphized baby dinos, creation myths in comics and in real life (see what I did there?) and a whole lot of geek-culture inside baseball, you should feel right at home. We always do. This...is the Joy of Comics!

Want more info on Cliff's work? You can find him @cliffbumgardner on Twitter. 

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