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The Joy of Film Podcast, Episode 14:

Power Rangers Review

On this episode of The Joy of Film Podcast, we (Jordan, Kevin and Kelsey) go galactic to review Power Rangers - Saban's new big-screen adaptation of the long-running franchise. This is a big deal for Power Rangers fans, and the first major film for the franchise in over 20 years. And while online anticipation for the film reached fever-pitch in the lead-up to its release, stalwart fans of the original series also voiced significant concerns over the film's tone, updated costumes, and the depiction of certain classic characters.

On this episode, we go in-depth on all aspects of the film - including its cast of characters, plot, costumes, tone, direction, performances, easter eggs, and more. We also discuss the film in the context of the Power Rangers series as a whole, and offer our thoughts on how well it stayed true to the spirit of the source material. And as per podcast tradition, we also find some time to talk about the latest film news - including an update on the Valiant Cinematic Universe - as well as the other films we've seen recently: Netflix's iBoy, The Belko Experiment, and more.

So join us, as we take an emotionally fraught journey to a dangerous place, where nostalgia meets modern filmmaking and anything can happen. Did we mention that it's Morphin' time? This...is the Joy of Film!

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