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The Joy of Gaming Podcast, Episode 59:

Winter Gaming Extravaganza, Featuring Pokemon Sun and Moon and Final Fantasy XV

The Joy of Gaming Podcast is back after a bit of a break, with an episode that's jam-packed with content and more than capable of making up for lost time. We (Rich and Jordan) are ready to let loose the gaming flood gates, and all the huge Winter game releases we've been playing over the past two months serve as fuel for a fantastic and frenetic, mano y mano conversation.

What games have we been playing recently? What do we think of Nintendo Switch and all the recent news coming out of Sony's PSX Event? Just how solid is Pokemon's latest generation, Pokemon Sun and Moon? And now that Final Fantasy XV is a real game that exists and can actually be played, can it possibly live up to nearly ten years of gargantuan hype? You'll have to press play and leave your inhibitions at the door to find out.

After all, the years may pass and the tides may shift, but here, great video games will always provide our true north. This...is the Joy of Gaming!

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