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The Joy of Gaming Podcast, Episode 56:

Nintendo NX and the Attack of the HD Remasters

We (Rich, Jordan and Kelsey) are back and better than ever, with a super-sized new episode of the Joy of Gaming Podcast! And here in the calm after the storm that was this year's E3 and San Diego Comic-Con conventions, there's quite a bit to talk about - most notably, the recent rumors surrounding the Nintendo NX, big news on the Sonic the Hedgehog and Hearthstone fronts, and a number of exciting new game releases. But if there was one theme that emerged again and again at this year's big gaming events, it was that of the "HD Remaster". What's old will truly be new again over the next few years, as the games of yesteryear are re-released on today's consoles - but is this a good thing for the industry? We'll let you know what we think. 

But first, it's been a while since our last episode, and we have a lot of games to discuss. First on the agenda is Zero Time Dilemma, the final entry in the Zero Escape "thrill"-ogy of visual novel games. This time, however, series writer/director Uchikoshi has taken the game in a number of new and different directions (literally), and we've got more than a few strong opinions to share on the subject. Next, we dive headfirst into a discussion of the other games we've been playing, including: Song of the Deep, Pokemon Go, Hearthstone, Mighty Number 9, The Banner Saga, The Division, Splatoon, The Binding of Issaac: Afterbirth, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Just Cause 3, and many more.  And then, just when you think this episode couldn't get any "gamier," we move to the main event. 

From the reveal of 2K's Bioshock: The Collection, to the announcement (and subsequent delay) of the Batman: Return to Arkham collection, to the staggering success of the recent re-release of Red Dead Redemption (as a backwards compatible game on Xbox One), to the ridiculous anticipation already brewing for the forthcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition and beyond, one thing is clear: HD Remasters, Re-releases and "Ultimate Collections" of relatively recent games are coming in greater numbers than ever, and from just about every major publisher. But is this trend just another avenue for enjoying our favorite games, or a foreboding sign that developers are abandoning the development of new IP for the cheaper and safer alternative of re-issuing past favorites? We discuss the topic in depth, including a list of our favorite remasters of all time, our individual wishlists for games to be remastered in the future, and our thoughts on what ingredients make for a successful remaster

And you know what? That doesn't even scratch the surface of what this episode has in store. It has more games, more excitement, and more Cory Barlog than any episode that has come before. Yeah, you remember Cory Barlog, right? The guy who directed God of War 2? Of course you do. This...is the Joy of Gaming!

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