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The Joy of Geek Podcast, Special Edition:
Frontier Interview with Filmmaker Elliot Brady

On this Special Edition episode of The Joy of Geek Podcast, we (Rich and Kevin) interview Elliot Brady, the screenwriter of a new short film premiering at the Charlotte Film Festival this weekend. Frontier is the story of a young girl, known only as little, who is inspired by her favorite comic book western to leave her home and family behind to seek adventure - and ultimately danger - in the wilderness. We discuss the 2+ year journey this film took from page to screen, and the seemingly insurmountable challenges its creators had to overcome in the pursuit of art.

So join us, as we take a whirlwind tour through the world of independent film, where industry speak about RED Digital Cameras and Color Correction is commonplace, and the struggle is most certainly real. This...is the Joy of Geek!

***Frontier will premiere this Saturday at Charlotte Film Festival (details here). Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a sample of the film’s soundtrack.***

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