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The Joy of Television Podcast, Episode 8:

Mr. Robot Season 2 Review and Spoilercast


On this very special episode of The Joy of Television Podcast, we (Rich, Jordan and Kevin) discuss one of the most fascinating, compelling - and this season, divisive - shows on modern television. The cyberpunk-inspired hacker drama Mr. Robot premiered last year to a cavalcade of praise and phenomenal reviews from critics and fans alike, and it scored a spot on just about every top TV list for 2015. But success like that also comes with immense pressure, and creator Sam Esmail was in a challenging position as he began to plan out the sophomore season of the show.

And when Season 2 of Mr. Robot premiered a few months ago, the new direction of the show proved divisive for many, and the chances it took only became more daring and controversial as the season continued. There are a lot of strong opinions on this season's big features - including the senses-shattering twist in Episode 7 "Handshake", the ambiguous nature of "reality" on the show, the new, wider scope and more - and we offer our thoughts on everything that went down (or didn't go down, depending on how you interpret the series' many twists and turns). 

So join us, as we probe the deeper meanings of "Project Berenstain" and "Phase 2", and attempt to piece together the fragments of a season that either redefined modern television or jumped the shark in a major way - depending on who you ask. This...is the Joy of Television!

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