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The Joy of Television Podcast, Episode 9:

Westworld and the Best of Science Fiction on TV

On this episode, we (Rich, Jordan and Kevin) dive back into the world of TV in a big way, exploring the past and present of the Science Fiction genre on Television. Here in Science Fiction's present, Westworld has taken over a lion's share of the pop culture conversation, and we have some strong opinions of our own about HBO's groundbreaking, hugely popular and (mostly) critically-lauded show. But gatling guns and robot "reveries" aside, we also discuss some of the other shows we've been watching, including Search Party, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Doctor Who, and SNL.

And in honor of Westworld - as well as the large number of stellar Science Fiction shows thriving in the modern TV landscape - we decided to turn our attention to the genre's recent past and discuss our favorite Sci-Fi shows of all-time. We've each chosen a top-three list of shows, and because the genre is so fertile with quality choices, we also manage to sneak in a number of honorable mentions whenever possible. The result is a conversation about what makes the best Sci-Fi television so captivating, with more than a few disagreements and raised eyebrows along the way.

Add to that a TV news segment where we discuss the latest news on Star Trek Discovery, Sense 8, the TV adaptation of Y: The Last Man, Luke Cage, Marvel's The Inhumans and more, and you have a jam-packed TV episode full of passion, thrills, chills, and (more than a little) time travel. Because in our timeline, anyway, This...is the Joy of TV!

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