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The Joy of Television, Episode 10:

The Year in Geek, Part 3 - Best TV of 2016

It's Part 3 of our annual "Year in Geek" celebration, and on this episode we (Rich, Jordan and Kevin) discuss the best that Television had to offer in 2016. Choosing favorites from this year's crop of top-quality TV shows was as difficult as it's ever been, thanks in part to the continued barrage of new shows from streaming sources like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, and cable contenders FX, AMC, and The CW (to name only a few). The 2016 television landscape was unprecedented in its quality and variety, and it made crowning a winner nearly impossible.

But here at The Joy of Geek we're always up for a challenge, and while we disagree with each other on many of the winners, our individual favorites span a wide variety of TV styles and genres - from the animated and darkly humorous Bojack Horseman, to the sci-fi epic drama of Westworld, to the edgy comedy of Speechless and Atlanta, and beyond. We discuss the merits of these shows and so many more while handing out the following awards:

Best Scene
Most Surprising Show
Best Performer
Most Disappointing Show
Best Character
Best Episode
Worst Show
Our Top 3 Best Shows of the Year
...and more!

So join us, as we compare, contrast, disparage, denegrate - and ultimately, celebrate - the best and worst Television of 2016. This...is The Joy of TV!

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