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The Joy of Gaming Podcast, Year in Review Part Three:

The Best of Comics 2015

Welcome to Part Three of our "Year in Review" celebration: a series of podcasts counting down the best that 2015 had to offer in all forms of media. On this episode, we (Rich, Jordan and Kevin) discuss the comics we read over the past year, as well as the overall state of an industry whose influence on all of pop-culture has never been stronger.

From big-name Marvel and DC titles, to the ever-growing number of books published by Image and other creator-owned publishers, the comics industry has never seemed so vibrant and diverse, and 2015 provided us with so many great books from new and returning series. We do our best to break it all down and choose our favorites - and in the end, attempt to come up with some nice, conscise best-of lists. Oh, and we also talk a bit about the impact our favorite books are having on TV, Film and Video Games. This being "The Joy of Geek," and all.

So without further ado, we invite you to dive into our pentultimate "Best of 2015" episode." We promise that they'll all be released before 2016 rolls around. This...is the Joy of Comics!

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